I’m back, baby!

If there’s one thing that can be said about my character it’s this: I’m LAZY!!!

No two doubts about it! But I’m back and I’m bringing this blog/review/geek page back from the dead (never really came alive, but alas)

I’m going to show my writing projects on here as well starting with a Fantasy novel that I’m currently working on (not everything obviously but good snippets lol)

So what will win? My overpowering laziness or my desire to actually try and make something of my pitiful existence on this rather wet rock we call a home?

Time will tell! Sooner or later, time will tell!

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Strip Magazine Issue 1


Strip Magazine Uk:  Another uk comics monthly magazine to hit the Uk shelves this month is Strip from Bosnian based Print Media Productions.

I had heard about this magazine before as they had originally published a few ‘teaser’ issues before relaunching with this volume 2, the teaser issues only being avaiable in comic shops at the time tho ment that I was unable to read any of them so no idea how they fared.

Volume 2 however seems to start on some good footing with the reintroduction of an old comic favourite in King Cobra (Previously seen in the Hotspur).

The re-run of Warpaint and Cruicible from the teaser issue’s also feature along with Black Ops Extreme, Denizens and Operation Inferno.  All the stories so far seem to be getting off on the right foot with Denizens, a story about eco-warriors, being the only slightly dull entry.

My only gripe withe the magazine is that at 68 pages and with only 6 pages being used for each story, the action ends just as you’re getting into the groove and wanting more and BAM! New story.  But hopefully with a full continuous run the stories will get longer and better.  And with CLiNT magazine now looking like its going quarterly the UK could do with a continuing monthly comics magazine.

Issue 2 will be out May 9th 2013 – http://www.printmediaproductions.com/default.asp 



Clint Magazine A Review – Part 1


I don’t generally buy comics, so when Scottish comic book writer Mark Millar said he was releasing a monthly magazine dedicated to comics, well I was intrigued.

Running mostly works by Millar, Clint also ran stories from the likes of Jonathan Ross, Garth Ennis, Frankie Boyle and Nathan Edmondson. Now I said “monthly” because Clint has had a bit of a history in not releasing the magazine on schedule which has caused some ire among many of the fans of said mag but has never bothered this writer in particular.

Stories from the first 15 issues include:

  • Kick Ass 2 ****1/2
    Nemesis ****
    Turf N/A
    American Jesus ***
    Rex Royd **** (so far anyway, this story has yet to be concluded as of issue 2.6)
    Superior ****
    The Pro ****1/2
    Officer Downe ****1/2
    Who is Jake Ellis *****
    Graveyard of Empires **** (finished in issue 2.3)

Now I haven’t given Turf a rating simply because I haven’t read it :), Vampires aren’t really my thing but I’ll suck it up and give it a proper review soon.
Some of the first issues of Clint also included stories from the public in a section called Space Oddities which I though were very good so we’ll have to wait and see if this ever returns.

Standout story from the frist 15: Who Is Jake Ellis. Superb writing and some fantastic artwork wrapped up in a mind bender of a story.

Coming real soon: Clint a review Part 2

Ohayo Gozaimasu

Laidies, Gentlemen, Children of all ages:
Welocme to the new blog post for aspiring Science Fiction & Fantasy author Cameron McCrorie i.e me!
This blog will hopefully feature work(s) in progress by me and offer news and reviews on all things Sci-Fi & Fantasy.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy writing it.

Live long and prosper!